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Connect You and Parents by High-Tech & Marketing

BabyLook-Remo is for you and mothers

Child care always comes together with uneasiness. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, parents are forced to child care under the unexpected situation. Also, the local community is divided and has a big influence on the community of the family.

We provide a parenting system so that specialists can help parents to raise a healthy child REMOTELY .

Management your work and create comfortable work environment

We promoted a project called BabyLook which supported child care by the latest technology with institutions, universities, kindergartens of each country and parents from early 2010. I utilize the technology and know-how and, under this abnormality situation, enable that BabyLook Tele bring up a better healthy child.

BabyLoo-kRemo consists of an Application for mothers and baby-care Specialists site. The Baby-care specialists site consists of five functions that cover whole things you need: find clients, booking management, care management, communication management, and sales / payment management.

Moving to New Normal

Under the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to follow social distance. This new normal works on the baby-care field too. BabyLook Remo aims to support baby-care under this situation and more convenience specialists’ support for mothers.

Due to the Specialist website link to the BabyLook App that is for mother, BabyLook-Remo for specialists can manage the appointment of video counselings, text chatting with your clients, check clients’ baby-care activities, and management accounting of using this service.

The BabyLook-Remo app for mothers can track baby-care activities, make the appointment of online counseling, and texting with specialists.

Thus, BabyLook Remo service makes your relationship with your clients closer, you can support more mothers with these convenience tools.

Use Case


Usually, 10-30% of the pair fee from Parents is free. You can cancel anytime without any cost. In addition, we will be able to actively incorporate your feedback in the beta version to improve and add functionality. It's free to use and can be improved for free. So it's a good opportunity to get a better working environment now.


Target - Nanies, Baby, Midwives, NCS, Pediatricians, and Others who are contributing to raise a baby
Term - 1 Year Free
Number of specialists - 10 specialists

How to apply

Applying is easy. Fill in the Request Form below with "Free Campaign Request" and send it. We will reply from the person in charge within 3 business days

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